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When you should drink water to have a healthy life?

When you should drink water to have a healthy life?

Most of the time you know drinking less amount of water can affect your body badly. So you drink water more and more not to have any side effects. Drinking water so much is not going to help you.  But affect your health badly.


 So, how to drink water?

Not only western medical science but also Ayurveda also suggest us various theories and experiments about this.

  • Don’t drink water while standing

In general, nothing should be done in a rush. So not this also. Scientifically when you drink water by standing it disrupt the balance of fluids of your body and that can be the reason to have greater accumulation of fluids in the joints and have arthritis later. So if we talk the advantage get by sit and drink water is your kidneys will be safe due the filtration process happen in a better way. And the other is, that posture relax your muscles and nervous system that cause to digest food and other fluids easily.

  • Drink water when you are exposed to Germs and when you are ill

That helps to wash away germs and viruses that your body to wash away . If your body is well-hydrated that body cause to wash away bacterial and virauses so ithey will not multiply in your system.

Reference: WWW.

  • Drink in small quantities

Like you don’t eat large amount of food at a time it is not good to drink water in large volumes. If we move into Ayurvedic explanation of Dr. Akilesh sharma “there are three doshas in the body called vata, pitta, and kapha, the method of consuming water depend these doshas.

                Vata prakurti- drink water one hour after having your meal

                Pitta prakruti – have small slips of water while eating

                Kapha prakurti – take water before meals — Can lose weight

  • Do not drink cooled water, Luke water is the better option

If you have constipation and you have the bad habit of drinking cold water. The best thing to do is reducing drinking cold water. Cold water can decrease the blood circulation to the body organs and at the same time cold water can disrupt the digestion of your body. Here the benefits that you can get from tepid water

                                Proper digestion

Maintained metabolism that promote weight loss

                                Relives bloating and pain

                                Control cholesterol levels

                                Keep your arteries clean

  • If you are thirsty drink water

Even though there is a recommended volume to drink water, depending on the body type, drink water according to your thirst cues that your body gives to you. So the cues that your body gives to you

                                Dark yellow color urine

                                Dry chapped lips

  • Drink warm water in your pajamas

I hope you understood what is the meaning!!! When you drink water as the first thing in the morning it helps to flush all the toxins of your body and cleanses your intestine. If you can mix some lemon or apple cider vinegar to your warm water this may give better results.

  • Use your silver and copper vessels to store water

That water has the ability to balance all the positively chargers your body. And copper has many anti-oxidant and anti-microbial properties that boost your immune system Apart from that anti-cancer properties, ability to remove the free radicles from body.

  • Before go to the bed drink water

Drink one glass of water before bedtime to replenishing any fluid loss that can occur. And of you take a glass of water before a bath it will lower your blood pressure.

  • Drink water before and after workouts

You may need glass of water before the workout to prevent dehydration depending on the exercise you did drink water to replace the fluid lost.. But too much water can cause stomach cramps

Here is my secret tip to drink water

Take water bottle or glass of water which was contained in copper or silver container, sit somewhere you comfortable take smaller slip, swallow it take a normal breath and repeat this throughout the day only when your body gives you signals.

If you want to confirm this information or read more you can use

Water intake, water balance, and the Elusive Daily water requirement byh Lawrence A.rmstrong and Evan C. Johnson and some research papers.

The Complete Book of Ayurvedic Home Remedies by Vasant Lad

 If you want to increase your water intake follow these steps

  1. Track your water intake
  2. Take a water bottle every place you go
  3. Set reminders in your phone or to do list
  4. Take alternatives to water like soups, juice

In the morning you can take water with lemon or apple cider vinegar. Click this link to see those benefits.

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