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Vitamin E

Vitamin E is a vitamin that quite popular around people and people try to apply this on the face and hair.

But people do not think about getting this from natural sources other than supplements. So in this article, I will explain the advantages of vitamin E and the natural foods that contain this vitamin.

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This is a fat-soluble vitamin. Whenever the body needs the vitamin to some process it takes after dissolving in fat.

Do you really think if you apply this vitamin to your face and hair it will give mind-blowing effects? Let’s discuss it a little.

This is an antioxidant like vitamin c and it will protect the cells of the body from free radicles. Read my another article about vitamin C which also has antioxidant and antiflammtary effects

This has anti-inflammatory properties also. This vitamin also needs to improve your immune system.

Vitamin E deficiencies are not popular around people. If someone has a deficiency then they should have a genetic disorder.

When we consider scientific explanation there is really less amount of studies to prove the uses.



As I have mentioned earlier antioxidants can protect your body cells from oxidative damages.

Longer cell life

It also gets due to the antioxidant properties of this vitamin. Normally when a cell gets reacts with free radicals cells get weakened and unhealthy. This vitamin can prevent that and it will prevent aging.

Prevent from cancer and heart disease

Free radicles may cause alteration in DNA can those can become cancer.

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Extra protection

Normally Free radicles release by processes in the body. Apart from that free radicles can be increased due to

  • exposure to air pollution and
  • cigarette smoking
  • Higher exposure to the ultraviolet rays from the sunlight

This process releases too many free radicles and this vitamin will try its best to protect your body cells from damage.

Prevent clotting

This can dissolve fresh clots
Vitamin E can dissolve clots otherwise it can cause a stroke. This will keep blood in correct consistency.

Can reduce the requirement for oxygen

If you have this vitamin deficiency then your body needs oxygen. Especially your heart needs this.

Prevent inflammation

If you have any disease to cure quickly vitamins can be used for that.

Dilation capillaries

This will help to give more oxygen to cells in the body

Healing burns

I don’t think I should explain this. Simple right?

Soften old scars

This is the reason you apply vitamin e all around your body. You can apply this to your stretch marks and you will some good results

Help to prevent from bed wetting

If your child is doing bedwetting give him some vitamin E. This is quite interesting right. Try this because this is recommended by some doctors.

Required dosage

The recommended intake of vitamin E is 15mg for men and women. But this can be different depending on the age and the diseases that people have.

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For today take vitamin E less than 1000mg by mouth otherwise it will cause side effects.

So if you are a person who takes vitamin E supplements consider the amount that you get from foods also.

Otherwise, you pay money to get supplements and be healthy but unknowingly it will affect your body in negative way.

Negative effects of vitamin E

It can increase the risk of hemorrhagic stroke. So please don’t drink vitamin E capsules to improve your skin health.

Especially girls do this. Even I have seen some girls take vitamin E without consulting a doctor. This is not recommended.

Read the ingredient list of the capsule and make sure those limits are in the secure limit.

But when you apply that dose is not considered.

So finally how to get vitamin E

It naturally available in many foods and vegetables

  • Wheat germ oil
  • Sunflower seeds
  • Hazelnuts
  • Peanuts/nuts/seeds
  • They should not cook. Because when we cook vitamin E can be damaged.
  • Almonds
  • Spinach
  • Broccoli/greenery greens
  • Kiwifruit
  • Mango
  • Avacado
  • tomato
  • And also you can take supplements

Take vitamin E15mg for a day
Try to use natural things (seeds, nuts, green things) than synthetic supplements
Overdosing can cause negative effects on you
It will give many benefits
prevent from again
Reduce scars and the above-explained ones

Read this for more details about vitamin E

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