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Vitamin A

So let’s talk a little about vitamins. Vitamins are vital amines that are essential for the body and they can be identified as micronutrients. (vitamin A)

All the vitamins are organic molecules.

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Vitamins can be divide into two parts. They are fat-soluble and water-soluble vitamins.

Let’s discuss something about fat-soluble vitamins here. Fat-soluble vitamins do not excrete through urine.

So it gets stored in fat and liver. Since these vitamins can be stored normally there won’t be any deficiency in these vitamins.

And these vitamins can cause toxicity, especially vitamin A and D can cause when you take more than required. Check my other blogs about vitamin E.

Absorption of these vitamins is not easy. It will depend on few things like gut health and pancreas.

If you have malabsorption syndrome then you will observe deficiency in fat-soluble vitamins.

I think that will be enough about vitamins. Let’s move to talk about vitamin A. If you don’ wants to read everything.

I can give you the summary of this article using two words. It’s antioxidant and rhodopsin.

If you are curious about what is rhodopsin. Rhodopsin is a protein that can be found on the eye/ in the retinue.

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This protein is responsible for night vision. If you have a problem at night probably you may have a problem with this vitamin.


I don’t think I should explain many things about the structure of this vitamin. But let me give you small facts about it.

This has three types and all of the three types are called retinoids.
And there is some structure called provitamins.

When the provitamins get activated through reductase and dioxygenase it makes this vitamin. Those provitamins can be named alpha, beta, gamma carotenes.


There are two souses of vitamin A. They are natural and artificial. Natural sources are food sources and artificial sources are supplements.

So here I am going to give you a list of foods that you can take vitamin A.

  • Liver oil
  • Butter
  • Milk
  • Carrot
  • Vegetables
  • Egg Yolk


Maintain the limits to be healthy within 3000 IU per day.


Night vision

Since it affects rhodopsin generation it will affect the vision of your eyes. Especially night vision.

Cell generation and growth

borne and teeth health formation


If you have a deficiency then your skin will have problems like dry skin. Because this vitamin maintains the mucus-secreting of epithelium.
If you have dry skin mostly this is the problem.


If a male person has a deficiency then he will face infertility.


Apart from those, you can have dry eyes and also diarrhea when you have
Vitamin A absorption cannot of the body is a quite long process.

Normally they are deposited in the liver and when your eye, bone, or teeth need vitamin liver will release some using some plasma proteins.

Because this vitamin is fat-soluble and fat doesn’t dissolve in blood plasma.
Another important thing is if you have a deficiency in Zn then it will lead to a deficiency in this vitamin also.

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Since Zn is essential for the formation of this vitamin.

There are a lot of things to learn about this vitamin about its function and its adsorption process. Here I am not going to explain all those things.


Other than the above-mentioned functions this is used for,

Treatment of acne

Depending on the type of acne doctors will prescribe the required amount and the required method

And please do not take this vitamin without taking recommendations from a doctor. Because if you are a pregnant person and take this vitamin your child can be harmed.

Treat to acute promyelocytic leukemia

This is a type of leukemia that can use to treat that. Please do not take vitamins to treat these diseases on your own.

Because they can put you in too many serious conditions. Please consult a doctor.

Treatment of hair

Reasons to have a vitamin deficiency.

For vitamin deficiency, there can be many reasons. But we think of it as problems in your diet.

Let me explain the other reasons


Eventhough you have a proper diet if your hut and pancreas has problems vitamin will not get absorbed.

Liver failure

Since fat-soluble vitamins are being deposited in the liver. whenever you have liver problems you will see a deficiency of this vitamin.


of course, this is an obvious thing, right? As much as possible try to take a balanced diet with more green and yellow vegetables and fruits.


  • Take from natural foods as much as possible.
  • Do not take more than the required amount and also this can cause serious damages if you take without having an idea about the effects
  • The optimum dosage is 1000mg per day

Read this for more information about vitamin A

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