Intermittent fasting

First, let me tell you what intermittent fasting is? Intermittent fasting takes a gap between your meals. Simply I can say intermittent fasting is not eating sometimes. Here we don’t think about what we eat and the number of calories we eat. The main component we talk about in intermittent fasting is the pattern of […]

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PCOS/PCOD related exercise( Weight loss exercise)

Do you know what is PCOS/PCOD & related exercises?( Weight loss exercise) These days this is one of the common diseases we can see among women and also most of the time they aren’t aware of this. I think you guys know about this. If not let me give you a brief introduction. When you […]

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Apple Cider Vinegar

Considering the health effects of apple cider vinegar people are using it as a medicine and also for cooking for many years. Most of us think it can help to increase our health. The most interesting thing is weight loss can be done by using apple cider vinegar. But as an intelligent person, we should […]

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When you should drink water to have a healthy life?

When you should drink water to have a healthy life? Most of the time you know drinking less amount of water can affect your body badly. So you drink water more and more not to have any side effects. Drinking water so much is not going to help you.  But affect your health badly. Reference:www. […]