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PCOS/PCOD related exercise( Weight loss exercise)

Do you know what is PCOS/PCOD & related exercises?( Weight loss exercise)

These days this is one of the common diseases we can see among women and also most of the time they aren’t aware of this.

I think you guys know about this. If not let me give you a brief introduction.

When you have (you mean female right?)

  • irregular periods,
  • unnecessary hair loss,
  • baldness,
  • facial hair growing,
  • black patches around the neck,
  • sudden mood changes,
  • abnormal weight gain,
  • night sweats,
  • hot flashes,
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these are some signs of your body implementing about your hormonal imbalance.

And hormonal imbalance means there is a chance to have PCOD/PCOS.

We can’t say each and every person who has an imbalanced hormonal system have PCOD.

Maybe you can have maybe not. So please meet your doctor. Then only you can find out about this.

Let me tell you the full name of this. Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome/Polycystic Ovarian Disease.

By yourself, you can’t decide whether you have this or not. So do not become a doctor.

Please go to your doctor and do a hormonal check. Then your doctor will say you have these problems.

Then along with medications, you have to change your lifestyle.

One of the important changes in your lifestyle should be exercising.

Definitely, this is not going to be easy. The weight loss journey of PCOS patients is really frustrating.

I personally know that there can be weeks you are doing exercise but your weight loss is zero.

If you can get the support of a doctor it is good. Because there are some doctors who have been trained for exercise and diet-related problems.

But there are people who don’t have enough money to spend on these things. So this will be important for that kind of people.

So let me tell you some different kinds of exercises that you guys can practice.

Please remember PCOD is related to your hormones. So it will not be easy to change everything within a few seconds.

This will take a certain amount of time. Have patience. You will definitely see results.

# Cardio – middle intensity

When you do cardio it will increase your body’s sensitivity to insulin.

Because when you exercise you need some energy. The primary energy source of our body is carbs.

In blood, it is in the form of glucose. So for these sugar levels balancing duty insulin is a must.

And it will also reduce your insulin resistance to a certain extent.

The main benefit you get from this is it will reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and type two / pre-diabetics.

Let me give some examples for cardio moderate-intensity exercise

  • Brisk walking,
  • jogging
  • swimming
man swimming on water during daytime

And also if you are doing other exercises also should be done in moderate-intensity.

The time you should exercise: at least 30 minutes is necessary.

Because your body needs some time to burn your glucose that is in your blood.

Then it will use the deposited things in your body. Then only your weight will start to reduce.

Then with time, your menstrual cycle will become normal and you will get the chance to, lose weight and controlling your anxiety.

But don’t think within one day of exercise you will reduce weight and start to see changes. That will not happen.

If you are a person who wants a baby, it will not good to do cardio so you can start doing regular light exercise. It will increase your reproductive success.

# Strength training

More muscle means more calorie burning.

definitely, you guys know that right? So strength training is something that you can build more muscles.

So it will increase your metabolism. Don’t worry, you will not get muscles as the bodybuilders have.

If you are doing this type of exercise remember to take one day of the gap from your exercise.

Because your muscles need an arrest to build again.

Examples for strengthening exercise
  • Squats
  • Push-ups
  • Triceps dips
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What are the benefits of this type of exercise is?

it will improve the function of insulin in your body

You will get a healthy BMI and recuse type 2 diabetics

let me give you a tip

You can combine your exercise cardio with strength exercise

High-intensity low interval training

If you are a person who has PCOS and wants to get rid of this. You must have searched about your problems and you should have definitely come across the word called high-intensity interval training

Examples for these type of exercise

You can exchange between short buts and high-intensity workout

What happened here is at some point it will give a recovery after working hard

Benefits you get from this

It will boost your cardiovascular fitness and can give some benefits to lose weight in an effective way.

Doing this exercise means you’re working on core and spin. so it will burn more calories.

Guys this is proven by scientists also. Definitely, your abdominal fat will reduce.

Core strength

This type of exercise does not have a direct impact on weight loss.

But the obesity will damage your core and it will cause lower back pain to your body. If you are going to conceive this type of exercise will be important.

After doing some research I could find some vital routine for PCOS people.

If you have more weight then do weight training at least one time of work. And if you have less amount to lose Do both

Zumba is also a good exercise for your body. It also can help you to reduce your weight to a certain amount.

man using ab roller

If you are a person that you can’t do any of this exercise. Then at least do some walking it can help to reduce your weight.

There are people who don’t like exercising. They can walk with their friends and maybe with pets. It will also give some benefits.

While walking you can increase your intensity of walking and slow that for some time. It can give more benefits.

Doing some kind of sport also can help to reduce your weight. Definitely, that is not a magical thing to mention

Yoga is not too good to reduce weight. Of course, there is some kind of benefits that you can get from yoga.

But you can’t get quick weight loss only by doing yoga. You can use this after or before doing other exercises.

Read for more scientific information

Get to know about the weight loss effect of apple cider vinegar.

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