Intermittent fasting

First, let me tell you what intermittent fasting is? Intermittent fasting takes a gap between your meals. Simply I can say intermittent fasting is not eating sometimes.

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Here we don’t think about what we eat and the number of calories we eat. The main component we talk about in intermittent fasting is the pattern of eating and not eating.

Yes, Guys, I know what you think. What is the new thing here?

Of course. This is our normal life activity. We sometimes eat and sometimes we don’t eat.

Here is the reason why this is so much important.

This intermittent fasting is one of the most important factors of weight loss. So girls and boys who want to lose weight please read this article.

After this article, you may change your life by reducing your weight. I know it is really frustrating when your weight doesn’t reduce even though you exercise.

So this is the magical hint for your weight loss.
Intermittent fasting can control two hormones of your body.

  • Growth hormone
  • Insulin

As everyone knows these hormones do a huge effect on our weight. And also hormone affects aging.

Insulin also affects many functions of our body. They are to reduce the glucose levels in our body.

So if your insulin doesn’t work in a normal way effectively it can cause insulin resistance, diabetics, PCOD, and sometimes other chronic diseases also.

So let me talk about the most popular topic. weight loss. Do you know there are 6 fat-burning hormones in your body? Among them, growth hormone plays a significant role.

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That hormone work to build your muscles. Apart from that growth hormone can protect your muscles, build up your body mass, and lose your actual body fat mass.

So the role of insulin in your weight loss journey is when you have insulin in your blood you can’t lose weight.

As everyone knows insulin amounts vary in our blood depending on many reasons.

The most affected reason to change your insulin concentration is carbs. So when you have your meal insulin levels go up.

After some time it gets reduced, But if you eat every time you are not going to lose weight.

Growth hormone can reduce your weight and insulin increases your weight.

If someone asks me which hormone is the superior one. Any guess?

Insulin is the answer. When you have insulin it can overpower the growth hormone.

So if you want to reduce weight you have to reduce the insulin level rather than concentrating on the growth hormone.

Here is a review article was done by some researchers about intermittent fasting and weight loss.

Let me give you a hint. If you are too much fat and you have too much gut you have too much insulin. Think about yours.

So one benefit from intermittent fasting related to weight loss is it reduces insulin resistance.

When you have insulin resistance your pancreas release too much insulin too much to your blood.

As you everyone knows when you have too much of something after some time you are going to ignore that.

Let me give you an example. Think your teacher blames you too much daily. After some time it becomes normal to you. And after some time when your teacher blames you, as usual, you don’t consider much.

So your teacher has to increase the level of punishment. Maybe she will hit you. if you don’t react to her some action by increasing that action she hopes you will give a reaction.

The same thing happens with your pancreas also. when your body cells don’t react to insulin.

The pancreas starts to release more insulin. This is called insulin resistance.

Intermittent fasting is a solution to this problem.

Intermittent fasting has certain steps, As normal people, you can fast for few hours at the first time and the most important thing is you have to do this gradually.

Otherwise, it will affect your health badly.

Let me ask you a secret question. How many times you eat for a day. Don’t tell me.

I know everyone will laugh. Because I know you get 4-6 meals a day. Everyone thinks that they take only three meals a day.

That is our main meal. But between that, you take snacks at least three times a day.

By continuing this if you think you are going to lose weight this is not going to happen.

Your pancreas doesn’t know this is your snack time and it shouldn’t release insulin.

Of cause when you take anything whether it is your lunch or a small toffee, your insulin level will increase. Even though you eat healthy food your insulin level will increase.

Steps for intermittent fasting;
Skips your snacks

Then there will be time between your meals the insulin level gets reduced. If you can’t do any snacks, what you can do is take your snacks with your meals.

But please try to get rid of that as soon as possible. If you feel hungry what you can do is eating more fat.

Increase the fasting time at night

This can be called 16;8 Here you can fast for 16 hours and eat your three meals in the 8 hours during the daytime.

After getting up wait at least for 4 hours before eating your breakfast. Of cause, if you don’t feel hungry don’t eat.

When you increase your fasting time it will really help to reduce your weight. The best time for fasting is when you sleep. Because it can be called uninterrupted fasting.

Next level of fasting

So here you increase your time period of fasting you can do this slowly. Because it isn’t good to change soo much in your body.

That can cause many side effects. So In this different people have given different time intervals. Dr. Berg explains this as 20:4 fastings.

You fast for 20 hours along with your sleeping time. And you eat two meals in the four-hour time window.

Please do not be soo much hurry to reduce your weight. Do start to do 16:8 first to reduce weight at first.

Because you will not able to do for a long time. You can’t easily change your habits. Your body needs some time to get adapt.

So take three to four weeks to change your fasting time.

There are other benefits of fasting and also some types of fasting according to different people opinion

Leave a reply about which methods you are using to reduce weight and your results.

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