How to overcome Procrastination/avoid working

Procrastination or feeling lazy for work is most of the common thing now we can see around every person.

Are you a person who doesn’t want to get up from your bed to work?

Or are your kind of a person who watches movies and Tv series for hours?

So, guys this the best article for you to read.

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avoid working/procrastinating for some time is actually a normal thing.

That may be due to your workload for the past few days and also lack sleep or a healthy diet. So that cause you can get some kind of laziness for your day to day activities.

But if you are a person who thinks to work and never starts working that will definitely affect your future.

Actually, if you are a procrastinator definitely you have some kind of stress in your life.

That can be called the trigger. Due to the stress, you start avoiding work.

Because you want to release that stress. When you procrastinate your stress gets a release.

So we can say procrastination is another word for stress release.

Who doesn’t want to release their stress? Everyone wants right.

So guys’ procrastination does not mean you don’t want to work. It expresses you have stress in your life.

Everyone has some form of stress in their life.

Maybe you have financial problems, health problems or you had a fight with your friend or any kind of stress in your life.

Those reasons cause some stress and when you sit down to work you know there is so much work to get done.

If you don’t work you have to bear the consequence also. It will definitely increase your stress. So however you start avoiding working.

Procrastinating has become a habit in your life.

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Do you believe it?

When you procrastinate you have a trigger for that most of the time, that is some kind of stress.

Then according to the cycle you avoid doing some something, thinking that you will get some release.

Actually, that will happen and you gets a reward as a stress release. So you prefer doing this. It becomes a habit of your life.

we can never get rid of the trigger or stress.

So what you have to do is change the pattern of avoiding.

That means when you feel like avoiding work, at the same time think you have stress.

That is why you feel that and start working for a few minutes.

Remember by reading this kind of post and watching motivational videos not going to work, you have to fight with your feelings and start working.

Let me give you a method to identify if you are a procrastinating person.

You watch motivational videos and this kind of post so much. And you plan every day and put never start working.

So here I have mentioned some ways that you can get rid of this laziness/procrastination.

1)Minimize the distractions

When you wake up in the morning and decide to be very productive.

You make a to-do list and start working, thinking you will work throughout the day effectively.

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Meanwhile, you get a call from your friend and you get up and to take the call.

After the call you go to the kitchen to eat something, then you talk with someone after that go to FB and finally after a few hours you start working again.

So those whole time waste happened due to one call.

Keep your phone and other distractive materials away from you when you are working.

A small notification of your what app also can do this.
So when you start to work don’t get up until you finish your planned part.

2) Ten minutes method

When you feel really frustrated about your work and you can’t get rid of your bed to start working.

You can do this method.

you can set an alarm for ten minutes and sit in your workplace.

Do whatever you can do and don’t get up until your ten minutes get over.

After ten minutes you can get up from your chair and go away. This method is a quite better option if you can’t really concentrate.

Because Your mind will also not mind do this work because it is small-time.

Actually, the biggest challenge is starting the work not continuing that.

3) Change your workplace/move to a different location

Actually, this procrastination is nothing our mind paly with us.

So use some ticks to play with your mind also. When you cannot work in a place change the place.

Because when you work in the same place for a quite long period, you get bored .so for a while change the place and start working.

4)NNN To-Do list method

Anyone who wants to work effectively definitely makes a to do list.

So give a small change to your to-do list.

person holding black pen writing on white notebook

Use this NNN method. It will express which work has more importance.

Otherwise, when you start working you do things that you don’t want to do and some time at the end of the day you have missed the important tasks. So Have three parts to your list.

It is

  • Now
  • Next
  • Not just yet.

Segregate your task in this to-do list. Otherwise, Small tasks can distract us.

When you have an idea of what is important and what is not, your mind is clear.

5) Break down big tasks into small parts.

This is also a small trick with your mind.

When there is a huge task to do, your mind doesn’t want to do that because it needs so much effort.

But if you can divide the task and do it one by one it will get done.

6) Minimizing the clutter

Everyone likes a clean and calm environment to work in.

Otherwise, we can’t concentrate. So clean your place at the end of your day, so that your workplace will be ready for the next day.

your mind will not like to clean the desk and start to work in the morning.
And if your working place is clean then you won’t get distracted.

Try to use these methods and work effectively every day to achieve your targets.

And there can be some other methods you use to avoid procrastination. Comment your methods so that others also can try that.

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