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How to lose weight easily

Are you a person who tries to lose weight for months but couldn’t succeed?Do you want to know the method to lose weight easily?So this article is for you. Guys in this article I talk about how to lose weight easily. If you are a person in old age, then it will not be easy […]

Are you a person who tries to lose weight for months but couldn’t succeed?
Do you want to know the method to lose weight easily?
So this article is for you. Guys in this article I talk about how to lose weight easily.

woman using body tape measure while measuring her waist

If you are a person in old age, then it will not be easy to lose weight.

Because at that time your metabolism gets slower.

So, if you are at that age then, you will not reduce your weight easily.

If you are reading this article let me imagine what kind of person you are.

You are a person who eats junk food so much thinking that next year or after your next birthday, you will start to eat healthily. Procrastination!!

That day of your life is not going to come. Because when we start eating sugar our cravings will not going to stop easily.

But the symptoms of your weight will not come in your younger or middle age.

When you pass your 30 you will start getting more symptoms.

Let me give you some of them.

  • Arthritis in fingers
  • Inflammation
  • Arthritis
  • Chronic adrenal burn out
  • Chronic fatigue syndrome
  • and digestive system inflammation like things

There can be other problems also.

If you have some experience with overweight problems leave a comment, so that others can get to know.

Here is something special for you.

People don’t lose weight to be healthy they have to be healthy to lose weight.

Do you understand that?

If you are a person who has more weight that means you have some kind of problem in your body, meaning you are not a healthy person.

Because your weight is the symptom of your unhealthy body. It is not the cause.

Losing weight is not natural to the body. Because it is the opposite of the body’s main aim.

The body wants to survive. Become a healthy person, then spontaneously your weight will start to reduce.

Let’s move to the scientific explanation about your weight gain and weight loss.

Don’t worry I will explain in a simple way.

woman exercising indoors

Your weight of the body gets controlled by hormones.

There are two type of hormones

  • Hormones make you gain weight and
  • hormones make you lose weight

Most of the time when you try to lose weight you focus mostly on the calories of your food,

Exercise, and

apatite losing pills.

Only these things are not going to work. So here I mention the most important hormone in your weight loss journey.


We know insulin as it related to diabetics.

But there are other functions that control by insulin.

It is a fat-storage hormone. Insulin stores fat especially in the middle of the body.

So that insulin is called a fat-storing hormone.

When insulin is there in your blood, all fat-burning hormones don’t work.

Think if you are a person who exercises well but you eat throughout the day, then you will not reduce your weight.

Because every time there is some amount of insulin in your body.

If you have belly fat that means you have so much insulin. To lose weight you should have a lower amount of insulin.

So how to lower the insulin concentration in your blood?

You have to decide that. Based on the amount of weight you have to lose chose your diet.

If you have a chance to visit a dietician that is the best option.

selective focus photography of tape measure

Otherwise, read the below part also.

1) Have low carb diets.

I know this is quite difficult to do. But try as much as you can to reduce sugar and also hidden sugar.

Biscuits, cake, muffins, rice, and fruit also in a high carb diet.

2) Avoid taking sugar with protein

Example: bread with chicken, omelet with bun chicken with Coca-Cola

All of these kinds of combinations are going to increase the insulin levels to a higher amount.

So better to eat separately than eating together at the same time.

3) Stop Lean fat proteins

It can trigger insulin than high-fat proteins.

Because fat has the ability to buffer proteins.

So when you want to eat proteins go to more fat ones.

An example of low-fat protein is protein powder like weight gain proteins.

4) Stop taking more protein

When you have excessive proteins in your body it converts to insulin.

5) Stop taking monosodium glutamate

MSG is used to food more delicious. Most of the restaurant food has this. But the problem is it spikes insulin more than any other thing.

6) Reduce stress

Stress increase cortisol that becomes the reason to increase insulin.

7) Stop taking frequent meals

If you are a person who eats 5-6times a day and you take snacks after meals, then your blood will always have insulin.

If you have practiced the above-mentioned things for a long time. That means now you have increased levels of insulin n your body.

After a point, your body resists insulin and the body will not react according to the signals of insulin.

At that point, we call it insulin resistance and your body has 5 to 7 times insulin than a normal person.

That definitely delay your weight loss journey.

So the worst thing is by doing a fasting blood glucose test you cannot identify whether you have insulin resistance or not.

That means even though if you have insulin resistance your blood glucose concentration will be in the normal range.

So that you have to do a fasting insulin check to identify that.

But there are some symptoms to identify insulin resistance.

So check them and comment on what are the other symptoms you had and overcame by doing some treatment.

1) Belly fat

No matter what exercise you do you cannot get rid of your belly fat.

2) You get plateaued despite eating healthy

3) You crave sugar and carbs

Remember guys if you can’t live without your chocolate after your main meal thus can be a symptom of insulin resistance

4) You can release your stress after eating carbs

So this is for the people who eat chocolate during the exam period and interview.

5) You need a nap after lunch

6) Worse eyesight

7) Brain fog

8) Need to urinate in the middle of the night

9) Swallen belly when day progress

Maybe the above-mentioned ones are not that much harm to your health. But that can become the reason to get more dangerous health problems.

Dangerous health problems are

  • Heart disease
  • Fatty liver
  • Diabetics
  • High blood pressure
  • High cholesterol
  • Stroke
  • Dementia, Alzheimer’s

So how to prevent insulin resistance

Take a less carb healthy diet.
And also think about your potassium intake.

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