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Benefits of lemon

Have you ever heard one apple for a day will keep you away from the doctor? Lemon also has many health benefits.

So let us make another one. “One lemon for a day will also keep your doctor away from you”.

Lemon can be found in any kitchen at any time. Everyone knows lemon has vitamin C in larger quantities than other foods.

But do you know lemon also has fiber and some other beneficial plant compounds?
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Lemon water can support you in many ways. (benefit of lemon)They can

  • improve your heart health,
  • weight control,
  • improve digestive health,
  • and control kidney stones.

All these benefits of lemon are proven by many types of research. So You can read their research articles for further information

1) Improve your Heart health

Lemons are rich in Vitamin C. As per the nutritionists’ lemon has 31mg of vitamin C Which can be included in our daily intake.

Reference daily intake of vitamin C is 515g.

Do you know this vitamin C can help you to reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke also?

Not only vitamin C, most of the compounds in lemon including fiber and plant compounds also have the ability to reduce heart disease.

Here is another magical thing that a lemon can do.24 grams of citrus fiber extract uptake daily for a month can reduce the total blood cholesterol levels.

And the plant compounds named hesperidin and diosmin also have the ability to lower your cholesterol levels.

cholesterol levels also affect heart diseases. So reducing your cholesterol levels will reduce the risk of heart disease.

2) Control your weight and maintain body

This is the most important thing for the girls and boys who have been living a frustrating life about their weight.

Never think a lemon can reduce10 kg and you will become slim only using some lemon juice. ( water intake also have an effect on weight loss)

That is a myth.

There is some hypothesis about weight loss and the benefits of lemon.;

One method is scientists explain that the pectin fiber can expand your stomach to a certain extent and then you will feel your stomach is full for quite a long time.

sliced lemons on wooden surface

So it will reduce the calorie intake for your body. But there is an important thing that you should keep in mind.

Most of the people take lemon juice. That will not give you the required result.

Because you have to eat the entire lemon to get pectin fiber benefits.

And lemon extract also has plant compounds that can help to reduce your weight. All most all these are research-based on details.

But remember there isn’t any study to show lemon extract have an impact on the weight loss of human.

The experiment of the effect of lemon for weight loss has been done on a mouse.

3) Prevent kidney stones

These days people want to be healthy and they eat so many green vegetables.

These can be the reason for your kidney stones. The reason is these vegetables contain a chemical called oxalic.

That oxalic can combine with calcium in your body and it can develop kidney stones.

This calcium oxalate can be dissolved by citric acid and it is the other main ingredient in lemon.

This is quite a common disease and one can get a few times in their lifetime also.

This citric acid in lemon can prevent kidney stones by increasing urine volume and increasing the urine pH which is a less favorable environment for kidney stones.

Let me give you the scientific evidence. According to some studies, lemon can prevent kidney stones but there are some researches that express lemon doesn’t have such an impact.

4) Reduce cancer risk

Some cancers can be prevented from having a healthy diet with fruit and vegetables.

According to some researches, citrus food can lower the risk of cancer.

But there are some experiments that have shown lemon and cancer risk haven’t any relation.

In laboratories, the solution of the lemon extract can kill cancer cells but there can be differences between the laboratory experiments and actual things.

And also D-limonene compound which is a compound of lemon oil also has some anti-cancer properties.

But there isn’t any confirmed opinion about the anti-cancer properties of lemon.

But let me suggest something for you.

Please take a lemon for a day. Because even though these things are entirely not proven there is some evidence for the positive side also.

So what is the harm trying for the best?

person wearing round green fruit
5) Protect us from anemia

When you don’t have enough iron in your body you get anemia.

Simply we can call it an iron deficiency. Lemon can improve the iron absorption of the body from other foods.

This also contains some amount of iron. Citric acid and Vitamin c do this job efficiently and they prevent us from anemia.

6)Improve your food digestion

Lemons are containing 10% of carbs mostly in the soluble fiber form and simple sugar form.

The pectin which is the main fiber of lemon has many advantages to the body. Because they are soluble fibers.

Soluble fiber can increase your gut health and it can slow the digestion of sugar and starches. It has some effects to reduce blood sugar levels.

So everyone knows blood sugar is a problem for many chronic diseases.


  • High vitamin C levels, fiber, and other plant compounds in lemon can reduce cholesterol in your body so it can reduce the risk of Heart disease also.
  • Eating the whole lemon can increase the fullness of your stomach. And there are some studies to show that lemon extract can reduce the weight of animals. But there isn’t any research for humans impact.
  • Lemon may prevent kidney stones. But there are some researches they deny this point.
  • Vitamin C and citric acid contained in lemon can improve the iron absorption of your body.
  • Chemical and some substance in lemons have some anti-cancer properties. But these things have not been proven for humans.
  • The soluble fiber component of the lemon can improve your gut health
How to take lemon to have all of these benefits?

Take it with the pulp.

Because the pulp contains fiber part which is the most important.

And you can add lemon to any salad like thing because they have the ability to enhance the taste.

And if you are taking the lemon juice from the market then use an organic one.

Otherwise, you won’t get any benefit.

If you are using the fruit to get the extract, try to use the ones that haven’t use any pesticide like chemicals. When use a lemon wash it well before squeeze.

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