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Apple Cider Vinegar

Considering the health effects of apple cider vinegar people are using it as a medicine and also for cooking for many years.

Most of us think it can help to increase our health. The most interesting thing is weight loss can be done by using apple cider vinegar.

But as an intelligent person, we should consider what science has to say about these things.

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This is a myth. That people think apple cider vinegar has a lot of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals.

If that is true, why people need to take supplements and nutritious food paying so much money?

But I must say apple cider vinegar has various health benefits. Let me give some mind-blowing examples of health benefits later. Now we will talk about the properties of vinegar.

It has

  • antimicrobial properties,
  • antioxidant effects.

And the benefits get from apple cider vinegar are,

  • weight loss,
  • reducing cholesterol,
  • lower blood sugar levels and
  • improve symptoms of diabetics.

But this is not used for therapies as the research about apple cider benefits is already going.

What happens if you drink apple cider vinegar every day

It would be interesting to know the process of apple cider vinegar production.

First, apples were crushed into small pieces, and yeast was added. Then the sugar/ fructose contain in the apple gets fermented and turned into alcohol with the help of microorganisms.

After that, it was fermented further into acetic acid. Vinegar also contains acetic acid as the main active component. This acetic acid is the magical substance that gives all those qualities to apple cider vinegar.

Apple cider vinegar contains a strong sour smell and flavor .it was given by the acetic acid. This contains 5-6% acetic acid.

The murky appearance of apple cider vinegar is due to the substance called mother.

It consists of strands of

  • proteins,
  • enzymes, and
  • friendly bacteria.
  • And a small amount of potassium in this solution.
  • Sometimes amino acids and antioxidants are in good quality ones.

The reason why apple cider vinegar work for many situations is,

Most of the time people have an alkaline condition in their blood. Every part of the body has different ph in their body depending on the activities of that organ. But normally we consider blood ph value.

If you have good acidic pH value in our body you will get these benefits
  • Transport minerals
  • allow the enzyme to work,
  • Increase the immune system,
  •  Stimulate thyroid,
  • Increase in metabolism
  • Digest protein well
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Because the pH value of acetic acid is 2.5 and it is really good for your health.

When your body gets alkaline,
  • Age

As you become age 50 your alkalinity gets high. That is the reason you get some skin problems, digestive problems, weight problems.

  • High stress get the body too alkaline

This is the other reason. As you know when you are in a stressful situation you can experience skin problems, weight problems. The reason is high cortisol in stressful situations.  I am not saying the only reason for the above problems is the alkalinity of your body. But this can be a major problem.

  • More proteins can cause your body alkaline
20 Benefits of Drinking Apple Cider Vinegar

Because minerals should be in the ions’ form to get absorbed. According to our chemistry knowledge, we know acidic conditions favor the solubility of most of the chemicals. 

If your body is more alkaline  Ca start to build Ca depositions. This can be deposited as kidney stones, gold bladder stones. Authorities also can have due to this problem.

If you have an alkaline body you will see these effects.

  1. Loss potassium loss of potassium can cause high blood pressure, constipation, irregular heartbeat
  2. block calcium
  3. Wtwit on eye
  4. Cramping
  5. Migraine pain
  6. pain in joints
  7. Twitching
  8. Nerve pain
  9. A lot of arthritis types

This can flush with apple cider vinegar.

People take vitamin C also to get these benefits. But you should remember the important part of vitamin C also ascorbic acid

If you have a fever,  viral infection, take this. It can give you some kind of relaxation.

Main benefits of apple cider vinegar

  • Can help to lower blood sugar levels

High blood sugar causes many problems in your body. Starting from insulin resistance, aging and various chronic diseases can cause due to sugar.

Do you know vinegar can improve insulin resistivity during high carb meals and can lower the blood sugar levels and insulin response?

The percentage of reducing blood sugar amount change according to many other reasons.

  • Weight loss

This increases the feeling of fullness when getting along with your meals. That is the reason to weight loss.

And this reduces insulin levels also. This contains fewer amount of calories. So good thing for your diet.

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  • Increase your skin health

 Do you know your skin is naturally slightly acidic?

Using vinegar can balance the Ph levels of your skin and protect the skin. But do not use undiluted vinegar on your skin.

Because it is acidic and can cause problems.

Have you seen fash wash and other face care products containing apple cider vinegar?

Can you think what is the reason to use apple cider for that?

The reason is it also has some ability to reduce microbes when it contacts a body.


  • Apple cider vinegar contains acetic acid and it is the main component that gives health benefits.
  • The health benefits of getting this are
  1. Weight loss

2.Reduce insulin resistance

3.Recuse skin problems

4.Prevent from Ca depositions

5.Reduce microbial infections

Remember:“ To get the benefits of apple cider vinegar do not consume too much. Because it also can cause problems. Specially to your teeth and gut.

So, How to take apple cider vinegar

Take 1-2 table spoons after mixing it with lemon/ lime juice, honey, ginger, and water according to your preference.

And if you can mix it with your salads, the taste also will be good.

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